In the Schema Things

Understanding the Build Forge Schema

One of the bigger mysteries of Rational Build Forge® is the back end database and how it is organized. Behold, an interlinked schema to answer your data questions:

This indexed and cross-referenced version of the schema is a bit much to fit in a post, so I’ve set up a full page version here:

Also available for download is an entity relationship diagram in PDF format. Like the Build Forge Schema itself, it is huge, consisting of 299 letter sized pages. They are arranged in such a way that matching them to create a full diagram is pretty easy, just arrange left to right, top to buttom, but it is obviously going to take some space. The PDF printer assumes you are printing a rectangular shape, which with this hierarchical diagram is not true. As a result, about 1/2 of the pages are blank. Further, many printers allow you to reduce the size, and print 2 or more pdf pages to one letter sized page, so if you feel like working, you can get the Schema down to about 50 pages or less. You can find it here:

Finally, a less well integrated version of the schema can be generated from Build Forge itself, using the bfschema -g command. This version, linked below, has some additional information about columns, but does not feature the easy navigation of the version linked above. You can take a look at the generated version here here:


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