Classy Class Tricks

You can use SQL against the back end Build Forge database to create classes of any arbitrary count or days. For example, at the shop where I work, we need to keep production jobs for 2 years. This choice is not offered in the Build Forge GUI. Setting the class to “forever”, will eventually lead to a huge database, and going through the jobs and deleting them manually is hardly a good use of time.

So, here is a solution:

  • Create a class through the Build Forge GUI, as you normally would. Give it a name that is meaningful for its intended purpose, say, 2-year-retention.
  • Set everything as you want it to be, except for the Days and Counts fields. Pick anything for them. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as you are going to change it in the data base anyway.
  • Run SQL, to update the BF_PURGEDAYS and BF_COUNT columns as needed. A count of zero in either field means unlimited.
  • This example sets a class called “2-year-retention” to allow an unlimited number of jobs to exist, and deletes them after 730 days have passed
WHERE BF_NAME='2-year-retention'
  • This example updates a class called “Lucky 11″ to purge jobs when there are more than 11, or when they are 11 days old, whichever comes first
WHERE BF_NAME='Lucky 11'

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